Parenting is hard work apparently. It is often the case that people revel in such hard work and surround their children with love and affection or whatever they care to surround them with. As the child grows, it is only natural that they require more room. Sometimes the parental grip will loosen easily and the child is afforded greater room than perhaps required. Paths undesired may become easier for the child to find but it is for them to discover the trappings of making decisions in life. 

Sometimes the parental grip will maintain its strength, to the point of smothering the child and constraints will be kept in place while the child develops. This grip can be unrelenting and can lead to problems further down the line for the child, delaying if not making progression in aspects of life close to unattainable. 

Aware from the father’s management, the son had a successful summer and with acclaim ringing in his ears, this was to be the campaign where he would set aside the demons that had hampered him in previous years and
fulfil his undoubtedly vast potential. Since returning to his father and the city of Manchester, such a scenario has yet to materialise and worryingly doesn’t look anywhere near materialising. It is early in the campaign but the
situation is not looking good for all parties. People would paint it to be bordering on a crisis but the father’s credentials are coming under increasing scrutiny with the growing expectations of those that pay and watch. The shadow of doubt looks likely to subside over the coming weeks at least if expectations of the tests in the immediate future are to go by but it will never completely disappear. It comes with such territory after all.

The critical point in the whole story seems a lot nearer that anyone would have expected after last season’s
glory. The son seems to be rebelling once again while the father’s grip remains fairly steadfast. At some point, one of them is going to get hurt unless one allows the other to have their way.

They did experience a break from each other once before but it happened to be only temporary. When the
father was sent packing from the homeland, the son remained and was put in the care of a step-father from overseas. The step-father could not understand the young man and efforts to build a solid relationship remained futile. Once the father emerged in another land, he brought the son over to this new setting. The reunion excited the hordes but with it came further difficulties.

This new place just does not seem to be to the son’s liking. To the father such an environmental factor should be dealt with in the typical manly fashion of ignorance. There has certainly been plenty of assistance provided by the
supporting network of the city in helping the son to acclimatise to his new surroundings. However, this issue is continually recited by others as remaining great in the son’s mind. Statements have been made to the contrary before but the notion refuses to disappear. 

Now why would a parent prevent a child from progressing? Giving a child what the parent craved from their parents? It is possible but there is little to suggest that in this particular instance. The father achieved great things and appeared to have been educated well enough. While there are certainly flaws to his character, there is nothing evident to suggest anything amiss may have occurred in his development.  
Desperately clinging to a role that defines one’s character? That is entirely probable and if so on this occasion, it would be worrying. The fact that both father and son are employed in the same place tends to alarm people.
That father was directly involved in the hiring of son makes it all the more peculiar an arrangement. Mentoring is well and good but everything has its time limit before any positives reduce and negatives increase. Granted, the situation with the step-father had probably gone the suitable distance but why did the son return to the father's tutelage? Safety would be an obvious reason while the optimistic view would be that the father had yet to teach the son all he required to utilise his talents completely. Recent circumstances have led to things looking as if they have taken a turn for the worse.

“Why Always Me?” is synonymous with the son. Now the father has imitated such a declaration in the past week in regards to the act of berating officials. While it could be portrayed as being simply a public display of a familial trait, it is a worrying sign for their future together in this city. Perhaps it is time for Papa and son to move in different directions. The longer they leave it the more significant the damage for each individual to repair.


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